Friday, January 4, 2013

This post has been edited on 2/19/2016 for gender neutrality and grammatical errors and to reflect some new changes in school.

What We Know About Children....

We know that our children are unique in many ways and they are to be engaged differently. We know that each of them has certain preferences and tendencies because of their genes and their particular environment. Then, how we can compare them with anybody else?

We know that our duty is to prepare an environment that is most suitable for each one of them and let them grow at their own speed and natural ways. Our job is to observe and guide. We know that they can learn anything and everything if they want to like they learn their mother tongue, like they learned to walk,smile, and many other things all by themselves. We know that they need freedom to express and realize full potential and reach greater heights in life.

We know that they deserve Respect for being them, the unique individuals, and we give them exactly that.

We know that they seek love and care and they are capable of giving love and care too to others also, so we prepare an environment with plenty of opportunities to give and take love and care. We know that they are inherently good and we don’t see our children as a trouble makers, so we have no corporal punishment at our school.

We know that they are growing and they need support and guidance and we provide that. We know that they have a natural urge to explore and learn and we should not spoil that with any kind of intervention, reward or punishment.

We know that the academics are important, so we have an extensive curriculum of Language, Maths, Science, Geography, History, and what not, spanning over nine years.

We know that they are capable and responsible, we let them take care of their environment.

We know that they need to concentrate on things like we the adults, so we care not to interfere while they are engaged seriously in their work.

That is why We Follow Montessori Education.

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