Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Montessori Teacher Training

All of us want our children to be happy, courageous, creative, intelligent, independent. How to raise a children this way? What are the resources we need? What are the challenges we face?

We love our children, but we don't know how to express that. We find most of the time children not obeying us, not interested in learning, they are shy, we want to develop creativity in our children, to grow in good manners, grace and courtesy. We want to help our children get rid of bad habits. We would like our chidlren to develop a sense of responsibility.

Montessori is a practical approach to the growth and development of children. It gives you a deeper understanding of your child. It will give you practical tools to help your children grow to her/his full potential. It also gives you ways and means to help your children with academic learning of language, math, and science.

Foundation for life  
From birth to age six.
Transform yourself.
Helps you to become a better parent to your child.
Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parent.

If you want a daughter or son who will make you proud of 15 or 20 years later, you need to cultivate the right beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes today. Today is the time to ACT.


Your kid deserves better parenting

Montessori can be of great help.

Identify the basic issues of parenting - busy work schedule, lack of awareness, lack of practical tools, patience.

How the course can help?

The content.

What I know myself about the principles of growth.

The nature of children.
The difference between the adult thinking and child thinking.
The desire to be independent - how to support it.
asking questions - how to handle it.
Respecting children - How?
How the habits forms - How to nurture good habits.
How children learn - How to help.
Rewards and punishment.
Asking permission.

The children can achieve more than what their parents think. Unfortunately, they can limit their achievement by their lack of awareness and imperfect parenting.

Purpose of this course
Be better parents.
Be better teachers.
How will you achieve this?
When do you know you've achieved this

Safe and encouraging environment in the school.
Close collaboration with parents.

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